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The Effect of Custom Work Shirts on Brand Identity - Service Uniform TX

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Style surrounds you everywhere you go, in every single business. And by style, we’re not referring to models walking down the runway, but instead that differentiating aesthetic that each business has based on what their employees are wearing.

Whether it’s the laidback, casual wear of your local barista or the suit and tie known to accounting firms, every business uses clothing to enhance their brand identity. While some businesses utilize the power of clothing through a company dress code policy, others make it simple by supplying uniforms and custom work shirts to their employees.

Uniforms and custom work shirts, in particular, are the most beneficial to your brand identityfor these reasons:

1. They Promote Company Pride Among Staff

First and foremost, the person who most directly benefits from your uniforms is the one who’s going to be wearing them – the employee! What a uniform does for the wearer is more than simply make their morning routine a bit easier: it establishes a team environment – something for the employee to identify with, work hard for, and feel proud of. For example, the distinctive logos and colors of different sports teams not only promote a specific team brand, but they give the players a sense of unity and identity even though players are frequently shuffled between teams.

Custom uniforms also aid in company relationships, as employees will be able to identify with each other more as they recognize that they are working together toward a common goal.

2. They Improve Safety and Security on Business Premises

Whether your uniforms protect your employees from the harsh conditions of the job, or simply distinguish them so they are more identifiable, uniforms are a useful tool in job safety and security. For example, after hours as employees are closing up, it is useful to have them wear a company uniform or custom work shirt so that anyone who is illegally on your premises stands out more. Also, if there is an emergency situation at your location, it will be easier to find the employees to respond to the need. Your brand should always have safety and security as one of its priorities, therefore having uniforms will help instill in the minds of your customers and staff that safety is a value of your business.

3. They Create a Professional Business Image

Picture a business. Any type will work. In the first image, imagine an employee wearing clean, well-kept uniforms while interacting with a customer or client. Now picture that same business, and that same employee, but this time wearing their street clothes. Which customer or client interaction do you think went better? Uniforms make employees look clean, more trustworthy and more professional. Your employees are the face of your company, so way they look is integral.

4. They Provide a Free Advertising Space

Like we said, your employees interact with your real money-makers everyday. Why stop with just a clean, professional look when you can go the extra mile and use that uniform to embed your logo? Not only will your employees look great but your brand will radiate off of them as clients will physically see your logo while talking with them. So if an interaction goes great, the customer won’t just think of the employee they talked to, but they’ll remember that logo and identify that positive interaction with your brand.

Now that you’re convinced that uniforms and custom work shirts are the route to go to improve your brand identity, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting high-quality uniforms and maintenance services. At Service Uniform, we provide uniform rental programs that will take care of all your uniform concerns, not to mention our customization service to make that logo pop!

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September 3, 2018 | Customized Uniforms