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The History of Service Uniform: 50 Years in the Making - Service Uniform TX

What does it take to make an expert? People have varying opinions – some say training, others say time or dedication. But for us here at Service Uniform, experience has been our greatest teacher – the biggest thing that made us the industry experts that we are today.

With a fifty-year history to speak of, you can trust that we know a thing or two about the commercial uniform service industry.

A History of Family-Owned Operations

Service Uniform was founded in 1969 through the ambitious drive of brothers Barry and David Putegnat. Together, Barry and David worked towards creating a reliable channel for local companies to source high-quality professional garments and commercial linens and to do away with the inconveniences and costs of doing their own company’s laundry or making bulk linen purchases.

But the brothers did not start Service Uniform without extensive industry experience to back them up. They are, in fact, the third generation of the family Putegnat to have ventured into the linen and laundry business, following the path their grandparents had once walked 63 years earlier, when the first Putegnat family laundry enterprise opened shop.

Throughout the years leading up to 1969, the brothers explored the various positions in their family’s businesses, learning the ropes and preparing for the inevitable foray into their own business.

When the first Service Uniform facility opened, Barry and David were more than ready to deliver exemplary, excellent service that remains, to this day, unmatched by any of our competitors.

50 Years Hence: A Legacy of Excellence and Dependability

Service Uniform has, without a doubt, mastered everything there is to excel at when it comes to commercial linen and uniform services. And the last fifty years have been about milestone after milestone and a growing network of happy and content clients:

  • Consistent Quality Service. One of the biggest secrets to our longevity has always been the consistency with which we deliver our services. From pickup to delivery, we have managed to deliver the same amount of meticulous dedication to every stage of our operations. And, of course, we never fail to bring the same excellent results for all of our customers, no matter how big or small they are.
  • Expert Manpower. Our key to success has always been with the people we work with. Every single member of our work family, every single one of the more than one hundred individuals who keep our facilities running over the last fifty years, contributes their dedication and skills to make sure that every item that comes into Service Uniform’s facilities returns to you in the best, most presentable, most ready condition.
  • Top-of-the-Line Facility. Not only have we successfully created a massive facility that churns out thousands of garments per hour, but we have also equipped our facilities with topnotch technology to further boost the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. For one, we employ cutting-edge RFID chip technology in our garment tracking. The Blue Chip® System allows us to keep precise track of each of your items, making sure there are no mix-ups and losses along the way. We also use an RFID-equipped soil tunnel, which can scan up to 2,000 items per minute, making sure that the littlest stain and the smallest impurity is identified and taken care of.
  • Customer is King. Over the last fifty years, the biggest thing we have learned is that every customer is unique – with their needs and wants, with how they want things handled, and with what works best for them. That is why we have also devised ways for us to meet these unique needs with thorough consultation and adaptive ways so each solution is perfectly suitable for each customer and not hashed-out cookie-cutter solutions that don’t quite nearly satisfy.

Make the Right Choice Today

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February 5, 2019 | Company