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How to Keep Bad Weather from Impacting Your Business - Service Uniform TX

how an absorbent mat can keep rain from impacting your business

Rain may be good for the plants, but it isn’t good for business. It never hurts to have a better plan in place for when bad weather affects your business activity.

Here are just a few ways to keep rain from keeping your customers away.

1. Install an awning over your business entrance

A great way to invite potential customers inside is to install an awning over your business entrance to protect from the elements while entering or exiting your facility! This will also provide a place for customers to shake off their umbrellas or clothes before entering your business and tracking water all throughout your facility, creating slip hazards and damaging your floors. Plus, a bright, colorful awning can improve the aesthetic of your business entrance in rain or shine! It also provides shade from the rough Texas heat.

2. Provide umbrella stands or bags for customers

An easy way to reduce the amount of water that spreads throughout your business during the rainy season is to provide umbrella stands or bags for your customers. They won’t have the uncomfortable task of carrying around a wet umbrella and there’s less cleanup for your employees!

3. Provide hooks for wet coats and rainwear

Along the same lines, provide places for your customers to hang up wet outerwear so that they don’t get water everywhere.

4. Place an absorbent mat at your entrances and exits.

An absorbent mat is one of the best and most effective ways to stop dirt and moisture from spreading throughout your place of business. At Service Uniform, we provide a wide range of floor mat solutions to help you manage dirt, moisture and slip-and-fall risks. Our stylish, functional absorbent mat options will stop water from getting all over your floors and also improve the look of your business space.

5. Enlist the help of your employees

Your staff can make it easier for customers to patronize your business during the rainy season. Here are just a few things they could do:

  • Hold open doors for customers who are coming in out of the rain
  • Hang up wet coats, umbrellas and other items
  • Escort customers to and from their cars with umbrellas
  • Pull up cars to the front of your business for customers who parked far away

6. Regularly mop up any moisture that reaches your floors

The best way to prevent moisture from damaging your floors is remove it as quickly as possible. Have mops, towels, and whatever else you need on-hand to mop up rainwater. Also, have yellow warning signs in stock to place near wet or slippery areas of your facility to protect your customers from falling and your business from a potential lawsuit.

Work with Service Uniform!

We can provide you with high-quality absorbent mat solutions to help you manage dirt and moisture in your facility. Contact us today to learn more about how our absorbent mat products and mop services can keep your business clean and reduce accidents!

Stay dry, Texas.

August 1, 2018 | Floor Mats, Service Area in TX