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Benefits of a Uniform Rental Service


uniform rental serviceIf you own or manage a business, rental services are vital to its efficient and cost-effective operation. Benefits of a rental service for a business can’t be overstated. If you’re not using one, read on to learn why you should. 

Rental Services Save Money

The bottom line is a top priority. Service Uniform gets that and delivers to it. People outside the industry might wonder: “How does renting save money? Isn’t owning and washing cheaper?” The answer, to their surprise, is a resounding no. 

The costs associated with in-house or outsourced laundry services are higher than renting, and that’s ignoring the time both options consume. 

Costs of Not Using a Uniform Rental Service

In House Expenses: Infrastructure, machinery, maintenance, utilities, chemicals, training, employee time, management, storage, shortages, repairs, replacements.

Outsourced Laundry Expenses: Purchasing materials, repairing, replacing, monitoring, miscommunications, late deliveries, supply shortages, mismanagement. 

Uniform Rental Benefits: No initial purchase, wide selection of inventory, adjust your order as needed, customization services, monitoring for repairs or replacements, proactive repairing and replacing, and much more!

Rentals Services Save Time

Another important resource in business is time. Every day has a set amount, and when it isn’t used effectively, it can’t be gotten back. Conserving time and using it well is vital to staying competitive in any industry. Time spent on uniform management, washing, repair, and replacement can be spent doing a thousand other things. 

Think about how much of your time is in dealing with your uniform supply. Whether you’re doing the laundry yourself or just managing the processes, even just one laundry-dedicated hour a week adds up. 

Rental Services Save Energy

Any time you’re doing or thinking about your business’s uniform needs, you’re using valuable energy. You use mental energy to organize, manage, train, and supply everything needed to run an in-house laundry. You use physical energy to enact all of those measures. 

If you’re commonly exhausted by day’s end, a reliable, proven provider might be the change you need. 

The Right Rental Service is a Reliable Partner

Though uniform rental is cost-effective and convenient, not every rental business is going to do right by you. There are plenty of mediocre providers who deliver substandard products poorly and not on time. Experiences people have with bad providers sour their perception of the uniform and rental industry as a whole, and that’s really unfortunate. 

That’s why it’s important to work with a true industry professional who has proven their ability to deliver. Accountable service is hard to come by these days, but that’s what you’ll get with Service Uniform. 

Service Uniform is Your Reliable Service Provider

It can be difficult finding the right provider for your business’s important materials. A company with the right materials, practices, and customization services can be hard to find. Luckily, Service Uniform is here with the high-quality uniforms and customer-service orientation you need.

Our family-founded company understands the importance of the items we provide to your facility. It’s not a responsibility we take for granted or lightly. We consider it our duty to satisfy your every need. To learn more about all we offer, give us a call at 210-226-233, visit our website, or contact us here


January 17, 2020 | Uniform Rental