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Vet uniform service providers

How to Vet A Uniform Service Provider

Uniform service providers are not hard to find; it’s finding a good one that’s difficult. Before signing up for a long-term contract with a shady provider, learn how to vet a uniform service provider here. 

how to improve reputation for your business

How to Improve Reputation For Your Business

Whether you’ve just started your new business and you’re trying to get the word out, or you’ve recently received a bad online review, it’s time to improve your brand reputation.


Why Working for a Family Business is Great for Recent Grads

Entering the workforce comes with a slew of important decisions to be made. When looking for a place to start the next chapter of your career, it’s essential to consider what kind of company you want to work for in terms of size, values, and future advancement options. For many… Read More


Hey Chip! How We Fix Your Wear and Tear

Chip here again! I’m back this week to take you through another aspect of our Blue Chip System: the repair process. Using our efficient RFID technology, we make sure every uniform is properly cleaned, repaired, and sorted for 100% accuracy every time. When your uniforms need a repair, you can… Read More

The Top 3 Services Your Business will Always Need

No matter industry your business is a part of, we can all agree time is money. In order to make the most of their time, businesses typically rely on the productivity and efficiency of employees to keep profit margins high. A strong work ethic and dedicated staff are only half… Read More

We are Service Uniform: Jupe Company

In our busy world, it’s difficult to find time to write a thank you note, which is why we’re honored when we receive one from a customer. This past month we were sent a wonderful note from one of our clients, Jupe Company. These notes let us know we’re on… Read More

fundamental values of service uniform

Why Accuracy is Important to Our Customers

Accuracy and reliability: two fundamental values we hold close here at Service Uniform. Accuracy is not only important to us from a business standpoint, but it is important to you, our customers. Here is how our process and our standards affect and improve your business. Accuracy, or a lack of… Read More