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What Occupations Require Hi-Vis Clothing? - Service Uniform TX

High-Visibility Uniforms

Some jobs are just more hazardous than others. In certain occupations, workers are exposed to situations where visibility may be low, putting them in danger of being struck by vehicles and/or heavy equipment.

The OSHA has very specific hi-vis clothing requirements. Here is a list of just of a few of the occupations that need high-visibility uniforms:

Emergency Service Workers

These are people who need to be easily and highly visible to keep them safe. Hi-vis apparel is also useful in marking their distinction from non-emergency personnel.

  • Emergency Responders
  • Police Personnel (especially those who are assigned to do traffic control and/or incident command)
  • Firemen

Heavy Equipment Handlers

Everyone from heavy equipment drivers to movers can fall under this category. Aside from its operators, personnel working closely with heavy equipment, like airport ground crew that direct traffic on the tarmac, have high-visibility clothing requirements so they can be easily spotted by the heavy equipment operators who have limited visibility on what’s on the ground before them.

  • Tow Truck Drivers
  • Airport Ground Crew
  • Warehouse Employees
  • Garbage Collection Employees
  • Shipyard and Dock Workers
  • Movers

Traffic-Related Jobs

There is a whole laundry list of things that could impede the visibility of drivers. When your work entails being in the middle of moving traffic, your first line of defense is your high-visibility vest.

  • Traffic Control Personnel
  • Toll Booth Operators
  • Parking Attendants
  • Crossing Guards
  • Railway Workers
  • Shopping Cart Attendants

Construction Workers

Construction workers, whether they are working on the ground or tall structures, are exposed to heavy equipment and a lot of moving parts and thus need to be highly visible to avoid accidents

  • Road Construction Workers
  • Building Construction Workers
  • Tree Service Workers

Security Workers

Like emergency service workers, security workers need high-visibility clothing not only for their safety but also to assure the public of their presence.

  • Event Security
  • Roving Security Personnel
  • Other Security Personnel Working in Crowd or Traffic Control

The Standards for Hi-Vis Clothing

High-visibility clothing requirements have been mandated by the OSHA for the safety of employees, customers, property, and the general public.

With life and wellbeing at stake, it is imperative for employers to provide their employees with high-quality apparel that fits the standards set by the law. Quality and effectiveness, more than anything else, should be the utmost priority in picking this specialized apparel.

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