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4 Texas Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Business - Service Uniform TX

Hey, you’re a Texas business! You don’t mess with Texas, especially when it comes to decorating.

Fortunately, the cowboy aesthetic lends itself perfectly to fun decoration pieces like boots, tin stars, red bandanas, and more! But turning these pieces into Texas Christmas decor can be a bit challenging.

Don’t fret! Here are four of our best Texas Christmas decor ideas for your business.

1. Use cowboy boots to hold winter plants.

Sure, cowboy boots make an interesting outfit accessory. But have you thought of using them as a vase? We don’t recommend filling them up with water, so you should probably just use fake winter plants for this one. Fill up your boots with fake poinciana, pine or frosty ferns.

If you want to go the extra mile, look for vintage-style cowboy boots. The winter season is when everyone starts pulling out their more rustic and woodsy type decorations. Old, vintage-style boots are a great fit for a rustic cowboy holiday theme.

2. Wrap cowboy boots and other Texas decor in fairy lights.

We admit; we are a bit obsessed with cowboy boot decoration ideas. Boots are just so much fun to decorate with! While draping up your holiday Christmas lights, why not get creative and use tiny ones to wrap different decor pieces?

You don’t need to stick to only cowboy boots for this one. Consider wrapping a wooden ladder or wooden wheel with fairy lights. The possibilities are endless!

3. Dress your tree like a cowboy.

Let’s get real – you’re celebrating a Texas Christmas. Why not make it fun and spark some laughs and conversation among your customers? Change up the way you decorate your Christmas tree this year by replacing the usual ornaments, garland and tree topper. Instead, hang up tin star ornaments, wrap around red bandana or rope material in place of the garland, and top the tree with a cowboy hat!

4. Make signs with a Texas twist on Christmas sayings.

Paint Texas-style Christmas sayings such as “Deck the Stalls” or “Have a Rootin’ Tootin’ Christmas” onto some wooden signs and place around your business. It’s simple, cheap, and effective! Your customers are guaranteed to smile.

This can also be a fun party activity for employees. Supply them with wooden signs and paint. The group can then vote on who came up with the best cowboy Christmas saying.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (in Texas).

And there you have it! Four unique Texas Christmas decor ideas.

While you’re having all this fun, don’t forget to keep your office clean and safe! Contact Service Uniform at 210-226-2233 for a free quote on floor mat and facility services. Have a rootin’ tootin’ Christmas!

December 11, 2017 | Just for Fun, Service Area in TX