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The Power of a Uniform - Service Uniform TX

Uniforms are the symbol of uniformity for school children, companies, the military, boy scouts and the list goes on. There is a sense of pride when wearing certain uniforms, that’s why we wear our favorite team’s jersey on the night of the big game.


Historian believe that the first uniforms were worn 2,000 years ago and were used by people to identify which group or tribe they belonged to. Some uniforms were believed to have magical powers and were used to strike fear into the heart of the opposition – sound familiar? It’s a theory still used by sports teams to this day!


Some of the most decorated athletes of our time still felt that certain uniforms carried magical powers. The greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, wore his University of North Carolina shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform for every game of his pro career for good luck. He went on to win six championships, so maybe there was something to his theory!


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September 23, 2015 | Uncategorized