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The Top 5 Logo Mat Rental Benefits - Service Uniform TX

Most people think mats are nothing more than dirt scrapers to keep your floors looking spotless. That’s what they’re for, right?

Wrong. The right mat does more than that.

If you haven’t rented some logo mats yet for your business, here are some of the benefits you’re clearly missing out on:

1. Logo mats make each entrance a grand one.

Every time the door to your business opens, you get one chance to make a good first impression. You’re missing out on that chance when the first thing that your potential customers see is something that does not represent you – for example, a bland, generic dirt mat. Custom logo mats welcome your clients into your business. They allow you to own your space and introduce customers to your brand.

2. Logo mats give your business the impression of commitment to perfection.

Regular mats are necessary, sure. You need to maintain your floors and provide anti-slip additions. That’s a given. But to go the extra mile of designing your floor implements with as much attention to detail as everything else in your business sends off the vibe that you are all for excellence. If you put that much thought into dirt scrapers, your clients are more likely to believe that you will put that much effort into service.

3. Logo mats express confidence.

Wearing custom-made logo-bearing uniforms at work gives your employees a look of pride in being part of your brand. It’s the same way with logo mats. As mentioned earlier, logo mats allow you to own your business space, to own the very ground that your clients are walking on. It lets them know that you identify with your brand and that you take confidence in the quality of service that you deliver.

4. Logo mats improve your business aesthetics.

Logo mats don’t just allow you to put your company logo on the foreground of your business space. They actually bring together the rest of your office aesthetics. In fact, some business owners don’t even bother with any other décor for their space. They just let their large, customized logo mats complete the whole look. This minimalist approach is as practical as it is attractive.

5. Logo mats are functional.

Logo mats do more than just look pretty. They can be designed for specific functions. Most commonly, they are entrance mats that keep the dirt off of your floors. They can also be anti-slip mats reinforced for better traction and better, safer floors. The only difference is that while they serve these functions, you gain the added benefit of improving your brand visibility.

But why rent your logo mats?

Renting your logo mats will help you save not just costs, but time.

When you rent your logo mats instead of buying them, you are handing over the maintenance of your mats to your service provider. That’s one huge burden lifted off of your shoulders, considering the amount of time it takes to maintain a mat subjected to daily heavy foot traffic. That’s already adding years to your investment.

Moreover, renting your logo mats means that you’ll only ever have to work with one service provider and decide on your maintenance schedule. You’ll never have to scrounge the directories for replacements again. That’s one more headache off the table for you.

So don’t wait any longer and treat your business to custom logo mats! Contact us today to get a quote and to talk to one of our mat experts about your matting options.

November 13, 2017 | Uncategorized