employees truckAt Service Uniform, we value our employees and provide them with valuable tools and a positive work environment. We know our employees by name and generously reward them for their service. We look for team members who work well in a fast paced environment, want to be on a winning team and contribute to the success of the team.

If you are looking to work for a company that also works for you, then Service Uniform is a company where you can thrive. We are a family owned and operated business who has a strong commitment to customer loyalty and satisfaction. When you join Service Uniform, you will be part of a progressive company that is a leader in the industry.

See What Our Employees Say

  • Olivia Resendiz
    Customer Service Lead – 16 years
    “I have held 3 different positions with Service Uniform.  Service Uniform is a great place for advancement.”
  • Rick Schell
    Service Director – 9 years
    “Service Uniform is employee oriented and customer loyalty driven.  Everyone here works as a team, no matter what department you work with.  Our Blue Chip System® makes sure our customers know we are the best in the industry.”
  • Jesse Marquez
    Route Manager – 14 years
    “At Service Uniform, our employees are pleasant to work with.  We care about the business and our families.”
  • Byron Daniels
    Account Manager – 11 years
    “After working for a competitor for 7 years I came to work for Service Uniform.  Service Uniform is bar none the best!”

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