Decorative Mats

Switch out old, boring mats for stylish and functional decorative mats from Service Uniform! Service Uniform offers a high-quality selection of commercial floor mats for your business.

Service Uniform’s decorative floor mats give an aesthetic and functional boost to your floors. Floor care has never looked this good. 

Style and Function

Service Uniform’s decorative floor mats give you the best of form and function with all the excellence in product quality that we’re known for. Our decorative floor mats:

  • Are made of heavy-duty material ideal for heavy foot traffic 
  • Are able to withstand heavy and frequent washings 
  • Effectively scrape off dirt and moisture to keep your floors clean  
  • Are high-traction for protection against slip and fall accidents 
  • Are available in stylish designs to suit your existing aesthetics  
  • Have various size options available

Ideal for All Businesses

These multifunctional floor mats are the perfect addition to your floor space. They are ideal for a variety of establishments and facilities,  

Blue Chip Guarantee

Service Uniform is your superior choice for commercial floor mat services in Texas. We have 50 years of industry experience, and lead the race in excellence and customer care.

At Service Uniform, we make sure that you get the results you need. We don’t take your individual needs for granted, and we work to make sure that the services we deliver are exactly what works for your business.

There is no business or service too small or too large for Service Uniform! You can expect the same consistent, excellent quality and top-notch treatment from everyone on our team. 

Get Real Solutions with Service Uniform

Service Uniform is ready to help your business today. Learn more about our decorative mats and other services by contacting us at 210-226-2233. Experience the excellence that only Service Uniform can provide.