Scraper Mats

If you want to keep your floors clean regardless of what’s going on outside, a scraper mat should be your entrance’s first line of defense. Scraper mats are slip resistant, extremely durable, waterproof, and ready to handle any mess that comes along. Above all, they get the job done!

With deep grooves and raised scraping cells, even customers unaware of the soil latched to their shoes will lose most of it before they get to the door. 

Secure Footing In Any Climate

Aside from keeping your lobby or entrance clean, a scraper mat will ensure a foothold in any condition. Rain, snow, or a combination of the two won’t affect that foothold or the safety of those standing outside your building. 

Hiding and Holding 

Like most mats, scraper mats hide and hold any dirt or debris until it’s replaced by a new mat from an accredited and proven company like Service Uniform. With deep grooves that hold and compact dirt and debris and a competent service managing your mats, you’ll never have to worry about overflow. 

Reduce Slip and Fall

You don’t want an employee or customer getting hurt on your property. Limit the liability that weather and carelessness make inevitable. By placing a scraper mat in vital areas of your business, you take control of what can be a dangerous variable. 

Minimize Need for Cleaning 

The dirt and grime that get gobbled up by the scraper mat don’t reach your floor. That means less time spent sweeping and mopping, less exposure to damaging salt and water, and less complaints about tracked-in dirt. 

Service Uniform Has the Scraper Mats Your Business Needs

The only thing that scraper mats can’t do is clean themselves. That’s why you should have Service Uniform in your corner. We wash and also maintain your mats so you don’t have to. Call us today at 210-226-2233 and make your business more secure and ready for whatever comes next.