Detail Towels

Stop wasting money and business. Make the switch to better detail towels from Service Uniform!

Service Uniform brings you a selection of superior quality detail towels that are ideal for use in a variety of industries. Call us today about product availability! 

Detail Towels for Your Business

Service Uniform has a great detail towel selection for your business. Our towels are ideal for a range of purposes in your business. They are: 

Ideal for Meticulous and Delicate Cleaning 

Our detail towels are designed to give you optimum clean without any scratches to delicate wares. Whether you need it for heavy cleaning or polished finishing, you can trust that our detail towels will deliver.

Easy to Maintain 

Our detail towels are easy and quick to clean. We fully understand the needs of the job, so these timesavers are your perfect cleaning companion!

Optimized for Repeated Use

Our detail towels are made of superior quality materials to ensure not just cleaner results, but durability too. Repeated use and intensive laundering present no challenge to detail towels from Service Uniform.

Service Uniform: What’s in Store for You

Service Uniform has earned its spot as one of Texas’s most reliable towel service suppliers! With the perfect formula of technological innovation, professional expertise, and the culture of excellence, few facilities can stack up. When you go with Service Uniform, there’s no doubt that your business is in good hands. Business with us is simple and straightforward. 

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We make it easier to manage your inventory, with the assurance of on-time delivery and inventory management support. We make it easier financially, easing the burdens of procuring and maintaining your towel supply regularly. Also, we make it easier to deliver your services by bringing products that deliver the results that you need.
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