Enhanced Visibility Shirts

enhanced visibility uniforms

Enhanced visibility shirts are a must-have in many industries. For employee safety and peace of mind, Service Uniform is ready with quality materials and service!

Service Uniform brings you high-quality enhanced visibility shirts:

High-Quality Service Protects Enhanced Visibility Shirts

Service Uniform maintains the highest standards in our quality control protocols. We source all of our enhanced visibility shirts from only the most reliable industrial uniform brands. Our enhanced visibility uniforms are tested in demanding conditions to ensure they serve their function effectively.

Long-lasting Enhanced Visibility Shirts Generate Value

It is impossible to assign value to the safety and protection of employees. Employees should feel safe at work. An employer who supplies safety workwear demonstrates the importance of employee safety. To employees who see and feel the importance every day value their position in your organization.

Professionally Maintained by Service Uniform

Service Uniform takes your industrial uniforms even further with the right garment care. Our expertise goes beyond keeping your items clean but finding ways to protect them from wear and tear. We make your uniforms stay good for much, much longer.

Quality and Convenience

Getting quality should not equate to losing convenience – and Service Uniform’s track record is proof of that. Our high standards on product quality and our proven expertise in garment care are your assurance of quality, convenience, and efficiency.

Industrial work uniforms need strict standards of service. Without them, enhanced visibility uniforms can lose the qualities that make them useful. 

In the hands of Service Uniform, you can expect hassle-free, high-quality results, and more time to focus on running your business.

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