Flame-Resistant Shirts

Flame-Resistant Shirts

Flame-resistant shirts of professional quality and expertly cared for are your employees’ best line of defense. Go with the safety of expert experience. Go with Service Uniform’s flame-resistant shirts service!

Service Uniform assures the best protection and the best maintenance for your employees with our flame-resistant uniforms service:

Compliance with Flame-Resistant Shirt Safety Standards

Our flame-resistant shirt selection is safe! Service Uniform makes sure that each item that arrives at your doorstep meets compliance standards set for flame-resistant shirts. You can rest in the assurance that your employees are safe and protected with our flame-resistant garments.

Maintained to Perfection by Service Uniform

Service Uniform keeps your flame-resistant garments clean and safe. We use state-of-the-art laundry equipment, tested laundry methods, and top-notch garment expertise for all our uniform services. Our goal is not simply to clean the garments; more importantly, our laundry solutions are designed to preserve the protective qualities of your special garments.

Flame-Resistant Shirts Service That Does Not Disappoint

Finding a uniform supply that is dependable is hardly ever easy – let alone finding one that specializes in flame-resistant uniforms. There is too much at stake to risk falling for the wrong service provider. For personal protective garments, you’ll have to look beyond the fancy websites and dig deeper.

You want experience, integrity, and laundry and garment care expertise. You need Service Uniform!

Service Uniform is the Texas favorite for industrial and commercial uniform service. Our fifty-year uniform business operation should tell you that we know uniforms and we know them very well. We have been supplying industrial uniforms to some of the bigger names in the area. We know what makes good garments and how to keep them that way.

If there’s one thing, however, that makes us stand out from the competition, it’s the fact that we care enough to listen. That’s the core value of our family operations: we’ll sit down and listen to what you need, and we’ll work to give it to you.

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