Food Manufacturing Uniforms

food manufacturing uniforms

We offer uniforms designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry, along with reliable pickup, laundering and delivery services!

Topnotch Products to Choose From

Check out our uniform selection to find the apparel you need, perfectly suited to handle the rigor of the food manufacturing industry.


The Red Kap Touch-Tex™ Advantage

We provide uniforms from Red Kap’s Touch-Tex™ line of apparel. These items are designed with the hardest-working wearer in mind. Red Kap apparel is made of high-quality fabric that can withstand the long, challenging hours of the food manufacturing business and all the stains that come with it. They are made to last frequent washings, with high resistance to stains and color wear. Red Kap uniforms are also made for optimum comfort and breathability, making sure that your workers remain comfortable throughout the duration of their shifts.

The Service Uniform Advantage

When it comes to food manufacturing uniforms in Texas, there is only one name that has the credentials to back up the reputation. Here are some reasons to partner with Service Uniform:

  • 50-year experience in the industry. Our family-owned and -operated business has been in operation since 1969, so if you’re looking for industry experience, you can rest assured that we have it.
  • State-of-the-art tracking technology. We have one of the most technologically-advanced facilities within our service area. On top of that, we use cutting-edge RFID chip tagging technology called our Blue Chip® system to ensure that every item in your account is tracked from beginning to end – avoiding costly losses and identifying damages form the outset.
  • Eco-friendly solutions. We have designed our operations to use less water and energy without having to sacrifice quality.
  • Meticulous quality control every step of the way. Each item that goes through our facility gets handled by 10 people and a total of 17 different processes. This ensures that every item is checked carefully and painstakingly to ensure that every delivery that arrives at your doorstep meets your needs.
  • On-time pickup and delivery. We are committed not just to providing top-notch quality products and excellent garment care, but we also make sure that your needs are met when you need them. That is why we have devised a system that ensures every pickup and every delivery is on-time and accurate.

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