San Antonio Uniform Services

Are you looking for uniforms for your employees in the San Antonio, TX area?

Search no more! Service Uniform is here to help your business boost employee morale, safety and productivity with our San Antonio uniform services! Here’s some information about the apparel we provide:

Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ II Shirts and Pants

These garments boast permanent softness, moisture management, stain release, color protection and durability. We provide only the best of the best. Our garments keep your employees comfortable, which enhances productivity. Your business will become more efficient and you can relax knowing that your employees are coming to work everyday content in their uniforms.

Customized Uniforms

We can customize your uniforms to fulfill your exact needs. If your workers will be meeting with clients, it is important that they represent your brand properly. That’s why our San Antonio uniform services offer the option to customize your uniforms with logos and more. Give us a call today to learn more about our customization options!

Image Improvement

We’re the image experts, so we know that a new, improved image will give your company the professional, sharp look it deserves, as well as boost morale among employees. With the help of Service Uniform, your uniforms can enhance the image of your business from the inside out.

Special Blue Chip System®

Our Blue Chip system is powered by the most advanced technology in the industry: RFID. We are able to track all garments in and out of our facility with the use of a microchip sewn into each garment.

At Service Uniform we care about your employees and their work environment. One simple way to create a better work environment for employees and generate more business for you is to invest in uniform services. Uniforms provide a positive business image, aid in business marketing, improve work safety and make your employees more productive.

Call us today at 210-226-2233 to learn more about our San Antonio uniform services!