Uniform Services in Gonzales, Texas

Running a business is no easy feat. Help your brand and employees put their best feet forward by partnering up with the best uniform services in Gonzales, TX: Service Uniform! With Service Uniform, you can rest assured that your company uniforms are not only made of the highest quality but are also cleaned by experts using the latest in laundry technology.

Our uniform services in Gonzales, TX are designed to take away the burden of employing company uniforms for your business. With Service Uniform, you get all the benefits of custom-made, high-quality uniforms with the guarantee of hassle-free maintenance and easy tracking, thanks to our state-of-the-art Blue Chip System®.

With the Blue Chip System®, we guarantee meticulous and thorough tracking every step of the way – from the moment we pick up your items to the moment we bring them back to you. This is how we can assure you that any unnecessary losses, damages, and inexplicable costs are completely avoided. This is the kind of dedication to customer concerns that you can’t get anywhere else in the arena of uniform services in Gonzales, TX.

Service Uniform is a leading provider of various services for businesses across an array of industries in Gonzales, TX. Our services include:


Our Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ pants and shirts are designed for full comfort and durability. With features like permanent softness, moisture management, color protection, and stain release, you can rest assured that your employee uniforms are going to look good, feel good, and stay excellent for a long, long time!

Mat Rental

Give your floors the VIP treatment and save yourself the cost of untimely floor maintenance, repairs, and replacement by investing in proper mats. We have a variety of mats for use in every area of your business space!


Have strong, absorbent, and durable towels at your disposal without the cost or hassle of buying them upfront. Our towel service offers a range of towel sizes to suit your business’ needs.

Facility Services

Keep your business in pristine, spotless condition at all times with our range of facility services including hand soaps, air fresheners, fender covers, and dust mops!

Get the most out of your uniform services in Gonzales, TX! Give Service Uniform a call at  1-800-683-1787 or fill out our contact form!