Uniform Services in Jourdanton, Texas

uniform services in Jourdanton, TX

Does your business need uniform services in Jourdanton, TX?

There’s no need to look any further than Service Uniform! We are dedicated to the safety, productivity and confidence of your employees, and something as seemingly simple as a uniform can bring you one step closer to all three of these goals! To learn more about our topnotch uniform services, keep reading:

Shirts and Pants by Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ II

For uniforms that improve the image of your business and make your employees feel comfortable, we supply only the best line of uniforms around. They are soft to the touch but durable and long-lasting with their stain release and color protection properties. These are the best uniforms in Jourdanton for comfort, aesthetics and productivity. Keep your employees happy and make your business look great when you use only the best in uniform services.

Uniforms Customized To Your Business

Every business varies in its needs, so we carry a wide variety of styles and colors in our uniforms so you can get the look you need. Not only will you find the right style for your business, but we can also customize our uniform services in Jourdanton to apply logos and more to your uniforms that will increase brand awareness for your company. Simply give us a call and ask about the customization options we offer!

A Better Image for Your Business

While you can keep your establishment clean and have set up a beautiful aesthetic, if your employees are poorly dressed, they will detract from the company image you worked so hard to achieve. There’s no need to worry about your uniforms when you work with Service Uniform. We’ll make your business look better with high-quality, clean, and durable uniforms.

Advanced Blue Chip® Tracking System

At Service Uniform, we are known for the Blue Chip system that we use, powered by only the most advanced technology in the industry: RFID. The Blue Chip is a microchip that is sewn into each one of our uniforms. What this chip allows us to do is track every single uniform item throughout our facility and even after it leaves, so we can stay up-to-date in real time where your uniforms are, whether they are in laundering or in route to delivery.

We care about providing the best for your business. Everything from your employees’ comfort to your business’ generation of income, we care about! And what better way can we help than to provide high-quality uniforms that make your employees happy and improve your image? Make your workplace safer, more productive and beautiful with Service Uniform.

To learn more about our uniform services in Jourdanton, give us a call at 210-226-2233!