Uniform Services in Kerrville, Texas

uniform services in kerrville texas

Starting and keeping a uniform service for your business should not be difficult or a struggle. What you need is a partner that knows your business, understands your needs, and delivers them in a quality that will keep your mind at ease, so that you can know that your uniforms are not only durable but are cared for properly. You need a partner that will put to shame all your other choices for uniform services in Kerrville – you need Service Uniform!

Entrusting your uniform needs to Service Uniform comes with a guarantee of quality, convenience, and topnotch cleanliness like only we can deliver. We deliver this guarantee with our easy, straightforward process, accurate tracking, modern facilities, and personnel dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and personalized service.

Blue Chip System®

Service Uniform understands that one of the biggest concerns with uniform rental is billing and inventory accuracy. That is why we have invested in cutting-edge tracking technology with our Blue Chip System®.

With this system, we can guarantee you that all of your garments are logged onto the system as they come in and out of the processing facility as we record even the smallest repairs and replacements. You’ll never have to worry about being overcharged, inexplicable surprise fees, or late deliveries because our modern technology and our experienced personnel make sure that every item is well accounted for.


We offer different uniform services in Kerrville, providing different types of uniforms for use across various businesses and industries:


We use Touch Tex™ apparel from Red Kap. These pants and shirts are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Our apparel options combine superior moisture-wicking technology with permanent softness for the utmost comfort. The brand also features color protection and stain release technology so your garments look new for a long time.

Mat Rental

Protect your floors from germs, damage, and slip-and-fall accidents by investing in quality commercial mats. We offer a range of mats to suit your business’ specific needs.


Service Uniform is also a leading provider of commercial towels for rent. We offer towels for different uses and they’re all available in a range of sizes and colors!

Facility Services

Aside from being a leading choice for uniform services in Kerrville, Service Uniform also provides a range of facility services to help you in the upkeep of your business.  

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