Uniform Services in Laredo, Texas

uniform services in laredo, texas

In the commotion and excitement of Laredo, Texas, it is no surprise you’re so busy. You have a long list of responsibilities, not to mention making your place look its absolute best. How your employees are dressed, the cleanliness of your establishment, and the appearance of your floor mats has a huge impact on your customers’ experience.

While delivering your services may be the top priority, customers notice the little things and your attention to detail can make or break whether a customer will return. Be an outstanding business owner by teaming up with Service Uniform for your uniform services in Laredo, Texas.

We don’t just focus on gaining business; we focus on each and every one of our clients’ needs. That’s why we have adopted our famous Blue Chip System® so we can keep track of your products from the moment they enter our facility to the moment they enter yours.

We offer a variety of products and uniform services in Laredo, Texas, including:


Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ II shirts and pants boast permanent softness, moisture management, stain release, color protection and durability. Improve your image, employee morale, safety and productivity all with one simple uniform solution.

Mat Rental

Our professionally-maintained mats reduce tracked-in dirt by 80%, saving over $600 in maintenance costs for every pound of dirt stopped. Service Uniform offers a variety of commercial matting, from custom logo mats to safety and anti-fatigue mats.


Towel service is designed to save you time and money, with no upfront investment, no disposal, no purchasing time. Plus, a towel service saves you inventory space. These towels are made specifically for wiping purposes so they are strong and absorbent.


We provide other convenient services to keep your facility clean, like hand soap, air fresheners, dust mops, and fender covers.

To learn more about how we can help with uniform services in Laredo, Texas, give Service Uniform a call at 210-226-2233 or fill out our contact form!