Uniform Services in New Braunfels, Texas

uniform services in new braunfels

Want to make a great first impression? Plain uniforms certainly won’t make the cut! For uniforms with innovative design and high-quality fabric, invest in the uniform services in New Braunfels that you can trust: Service Uniform!

Each item in our uniform line has been carefully selected to provide you with impeccable results. We use only the best materials so you can rest assured that your uniforms will endure even the most demanding jobs.

On top of that, Service Uniform also uses the highest standards in our operations plus the precision technology of our Blue Chip System® for tracking every uniform in your account. You don’t just get the assurance of clean, top-of-the-line uniforms for your business because your bills and inventory will be free from unnecessary headaches as well.

We offer a wide selection of uniforms of all designs, colors, and sizes suited for different industries and personal preference. Service Uniform is, without a doubt, your best choice for uniform services in New Braunfels.


Our Red Kap Touch Tex™ uniforms are a perfect combination of function, aesthetics, and wearer comfort. Designed with the wearer in mind, each uniform by Touch Tex™ features enhanced wearability with its moisture-wicking capabilities and smooth fabric, making sure that the uniforms do not get in the way of productivity, no matter how tough and trying shifts can get. Touch Tex™ technology is also engineered for maximum durability, with its highly-durable materials and long-lasting colors, so your uniforms can withstand multiple washings, taking your dollar farther than any other work apparel brand can.

Mat Rental

Service Uniform is not just your one-stop-shop for uniform services in New Braunfels. We are also your best choice for commercial mat rentals. We have a range of mats suited for use in a variety of industries.


Do not lose important business over poor-quality towels – let Service Uniform take care of your towels for you! Choose from our range of high-quality towels without the hassle or the excessive prices.  

Facility Services

Get every nook and cranny of your business space spotlessly clean at all times with our facility services. We provide everything from air fresheners and hand soaps to fender covers and dust mops.

First impressions last, so make sure your business is providing the best first impression with the help of Service Uniform! We are more than just your average uniform services in New Braunfels. Get started on our services today – call 800-683-1787 or drop us a line on our contact form.