The Blue Chip System®

We guarantee accuracy through RFID Technology. Our Blue Chip System® is the most advanced tracking system in the industry, utilizing both barcodes and RFID chips. This integrated system ensures that we will always be able to identify your garment at any point in our cleaning process.

soilscanner100% Accuracy
The Blue Chip System® uses two computer aided sorts that put the garments in perfect route, account, and wearer order. All customer requested garment repairs are entered into our Blue Chip System® and a service order is automatically generated. This ensures all repairs are completed and returned to you on time with 100% accuracy.



Certified Inspectors proactively inspect each garment, each week, as part of our standard process. If garments are damaged by normal wear and tear, we will proactively replace or upgrade them at no charge to you as part of our service.



Double Checked To Eliminate Missing Garments
You depend on these uniforms for your image and performance, so we double check to make sure your orders are accurate. Our Blue Chip System® ensures uniform count from the beginning of the process to the departure from our facilities.