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Stand out from your competitors by customizing a uniform rental program that fits your needs and your brand. Service Uniform gives you the option to customize your uniform rental program with logos, custom matting, and more.

Go Further with Custom Uniforms

Service Uniform’s customization program allows you to get the best out of your uniforms. We have functionality and aesthetics nailed down in one convenient rental bundle:

  • Customization options. Service Uniform offers a variety of ways to obtain custom uniforms. From top-notch embroidery and print to specific alterations for classic designs, Service Uniform lets you take the lead. Let us know what you want with your uniforms and we’ll make it happen in the best, highest-quality available.
  • Uniform design selection. Service Uniform brings you a wide range of commercial, executive, and industrial uniforms to choose from, all designed to meet your highest standards. Service Uniform carries the RedKap brand of uniforms, known in businesses across the world as the name to trust in design and structural integrity.
  • Expert laundry and maintenance. No stain is too big or too difficult for Service Uniform to handle. Our team of laundry experts and our high-tech laundry facility have what it takes to deliver the quality results befitting your brand.