The Blue Chip System®

The RFID Technology we utilize at Service Uniform guarantees accuracy. Our Blue Chip System® is the most advanced tracking system in the industry, featuring RFID chips and barcodes. With the help of this integrated system, we are able to keep track of each and every garment at any point in our cleaning process, ensuring that your linens never get lost in the mix. You can rest assured your uniforms are in good hands at Service Uniform’s state of the art facility.

soilscanner100% Accuracy

The technology behind the Blue Chip System® makes sure all garments are on the right track for delivery and in tip top condition. The Blue Chip System® allows us to keep a close eye on the garments in our possession so that we never lose track of them. We enter all customer requested garment repairs are into our Blue Chip System® so that a service order is automatically generated. This ensures all garment repairs are completed and returned to you as soon as possible.




Certified Inspectors thoroughly inspect each garment on a weekly basis as part of our standard process. If your garments happen to be damaged by everyday wear and tear, we will gladly replace or upgrade them, free of cost, as part of our service. We value quality and promise to only provide your business with top of the line garments.



Double Checked To Eliminate Missing Garments
We know these uniforms reflect the image of your business and performance of your employees, which is why we double check to make sure your orders are always accurate. Our Blue Chip System® ensures your uniform count remains the same from the start to finish of our process. With the help of Service Uniform, you will always have a fresh, clean supply of linens at your disposal