20 October, 2021   |   Uniform Rental

The Lesser-Known Benefits of Uniform Service 

There is no mistaking the benefits of uniform service for your uniform supply and management needs. Topping the list of these benefits is, of course, they keep your garments clean and in tiptop condition. They also help make sure that your employees always hav...

23 September, 2021   |   Uniform Rental

Dangers of Damaged Industrial Uniforms

Protective uniforms are integral to industrial jobs. Workers routinely face a variety of hazardous and even life-threatening situations. Despite their skill, they will always need that extra layer of defense against the elements. However, they need regular mai...

26 August, 2021   |   Facility Services

How Service Uniform Safeguards Your Business

Your uniforms are the face of your business. They are an extension of your brand and influence customer perception of your business. Uniforms also protect your employees from the perils of the job! Frequent use and intense laundering can put your important inv...

25 July, 2021   |   Uniform Rental

How to Monitor and Maintain Company Uniforms

The most commonly overlooked facet of a successful business is uniform management. Without them, many industries suffer as their staff isn’t as well protected or focused on the task at hand. Businesses looking to avoid the pitfalls of poor uniform management...

19 June, 2021   |   Uniforms

What a World Without Work Uniforms Looks Like

A world without work uniforms doesn’t look good. They are vital to the operation of businesses across many different industries and, without them, a lot of problems would take form. ...

24 May, 2021   |   Uniform Rental

Uniform Service Eases On-The-Job Employee Fears

Quality uniforms provided by a uniform service are a tremendous comfort to employee fears in the workplace.  If you’re looking to keep staff safe and productive, then look no further than Service Uniform. ...

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