10 April, 2024   |   Customized Uniform

The Power of Uniforms

Service Uniform understands the power of uniforms. We draw upon decades of experience to provide quality uniform services to businesses throughout Colorado....

19 March, 2024   |   Touch Tex

Uniforms Promote Workplace Safety


21 February, 2024   |   Customer Service

Is Your Uniform Rental Program The Right Fit?

Is your uniform rental company the right fit? You can find out by taking our survey. Please answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions:...

18 January, 2024   |   Floor Mats

Benefits of Entrance Matting

When everyone who enters your building comes in through one of the few entrances, you can easily track and capture dirt and debris from coming inside. Once dirt enters your building, it gets embedded into carpeting and pushed into corners that are sometimes un...

21 December, 2023   |   Customer Service

4 Requirements Your Uniform Rental Program Should Meet

As a leading provider in the industry, Service Uniform understands that the requirements your uniform rental program should meet are critical for your business’s success. Meeting these requirements is a cornerstone of our service. Our program offers reli...

16 November, 2023   |   Uniform Rental

The Advantages of Uniforms

Service Uniform operates with the underlying principle that uniforms in the workplace are beneficial to employees and customers alike. An article in the Small Business Chronicle entitled “Pros & Cons of Employee Uniforms” outlines the benefits and pote...

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