19 March, 2024   |   Touch Tex

Uniforms Promote Workplace Safety


06 June, 2016   |   Service Area in TX

Summer Uniforms to Beat the Heat

If your employees are exposed to heat in the Spring and Summer, it’s important to keep them safe and happy with warm weather gear. Luckily there are so many options when it comes to choosing warm weather uniforms that suit your employees’ needs, and your ...

01 December, 2015   |   Touch Tex

TouchTex Technology

  Your uniforms work as effectively as your employees! Don’t you agree? That’s why Service Uniform offers uniforms that are equipped with Touch Tex™ technology. Touch Tex™ is not only very comfortable, but it also comes with several benefits as we...

09 June, 2015   |   Service Area in TX

Wicking Fabric for the Summer Heat

The rainy spring season has finally ended and summer is here! Although we’re all excited for lazy sunny days and outdoor activities, we know a few of our customers aren’t a fan of the Texas heat, especially those who work outdoors. Although it woul...

05 December, 2013   |   Touch Tex

The First Day of Winter in Texas

December 21st marks the official first day of winter, but in Texas the sun is still shining! As a local business here in San Antonio, we know that winter doesn’t have the same daunting effect on us like it does to our neighbors up north, but that doesn&#...

09 July, 2013   |   Touch Tex

It’s HOT! Stay Cool with Service Uniform

July is hot. Very hot. If you work outdoors then you know how incredibly hot the summers are here in Texas. It’s crucial to drink plenty of water and find shade when necessary to protect yourself, but it’s also important to wear the right uniform. We’re ...

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