23 July, 2013 | Touch Tex

Uniforms Promote Workplace Safety

Uniforms are great because of the powerful impact they have on a brand’s image. But did you also know that uniforms promote safety in the workplace? You always want to keep in mind that employees should be in comfortable uniforms that they feel great in but that also protect them in their environment. Whether they work indoors or outside, Service Uniform can provide the necessary protection your employees need.

Because we source our garments from Red Kap you know we can provide the toughest, most durable garments available in the industry. In a factory setting, uniform non-slip shoes can keep employees from slipping and falling. For those who work in electrical, welding, automotive or any other tough, dirty job, protective face, eye and body gear can keep employees safe from flames, contaminants, shock and other dangers.

Uniforms also promote security. Easy to recognize uniforms and name-tags help with those who work closely with customers – like delivery. Customers recognize the employees, or at least the look of the uniform, and can trust them.

There are many other ways that uniforms can promote safety, but after reading this post, how many more do you need? Let your employees know that you care about their well being by letting Service Uniform provide the correct uniforms for their environment.

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