Searching for San Antonio Services for your business? Whether you’re in need of uniform service, mat service, towel service, or facility service, Service Uniform is a committed, experienced, and local provider. We only service the San Antonio area and there’s good reason for that…

San Antonio is a booming epicenter of innovation and is poised to keep growing. Our community and businesses in it lead the charge in growth and technological advancements.

Service Uniform wants to be the world-class service our community can lean on. We honor and elevate the expectations set by our great state with products and services that step up to the plate for your business!

Service Uniform has the uniform, mat, towel and facility service materials your San Antonio Business needs to efficiently operate. We provide:


We also provide work uniform customization services to San Antonio businesses. If you’d like uniforms that identify employees and represent your brand in a clean, professional way, customized uniforms are an excellent option.

About Our Company

Before you contact us, you might want to know a little bit about what separates us from the competition.

Here’s what sets us apart, and what keeps our customers happy with their provider:

Company Ethos

We pride ourselves on being family and independently owned and operated. Trust, communication, and a culture built on respect give us intimate insights and seamless collaboration only earned through decades of service. Our dedicated experts are as passionate about the San Antonio communities they serve as its beloved residents.

Family First

Every day, we go to work with one prevailing idea in our hearts and minds – everything we do must be built on a win-win-win basis. That means our catalog and services must be good for the business, the employee, and the customer. Complacency isn’t in our DNA. This is why we’ve been at the forefront of innovation, writing the next chapter of what our industry should expect from an outstanding service.

Value in the Right Place

Since embarking on this journey in 1969, we’ve placed the value where it matters most – the employees and customers. To do so, we’ve adapted to evolving processes designed to streamline services in the uniform rental industry. Ensuring peace of mind with real, proven solutions ensures the safety of your customers, optimizes productivity, and champions exceptional products built to last through the ebbs and flows of the year.

Big State, Even Bigger Promises

Service Uniform extends its reach into a dynamic range of services to suit your unique requests. However, it’s never at the expense of the premier quality we’ve built our reputation for. San Antonio services provided by Service Uniform shape the narrative around quality and reliability.

Our Certifications

We don’t just talk the talk. We’ve got the experience an credentials that ensures you’ll get the professional-grade service you’re looking for.

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