Looking for the best automotive uniforms for your San Antonio business? There’s no need to stick with what’s already in stock. Service Uniform has everything you need.

Service Uniforms Automotive Uniforms? 

Automotive uniforms aren’t hard to come by but most manufacturers will fall short of expectations. Service Uniform has distinguished itself from all the rest because our products are:


Service Uniform understands the importance of uniform quality when working in a dangerous environment. That’s why we build our automotive uniforms with workers in mind. Our products stand up to the most rigorous working conditions without falling apart. They can stand up to fires and even the most dangerous chemicals used in an auto shop. They’re also designed with the highly resistant and comfortable Touch Tex™ II material by Red Kap.


Service Uniform ensures cleanliness in all of its products and services. We wash all products purchased or rented from us in our commercial laundry facilities. Our practices are extremely thorough and sanitary with the ability to remove even the toughest stains. Everything that comes through our laundry is tracked and monitored to ensure that nothing below our standards arrives in your delivery.


Service Uniform cares more about customer retention than anything else. We would rather have our clients’ continued patronage instead of a few big purchases because that’s better for both of us in the long run. That’s why we offer our entire catalogue of products and services at competitive, affordable prices. 

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