Automotive Industry Uniforms and Services

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Win the race against grease and grime with the help of our uniforms and facility service supplies, perfectly suited for the automotive industry! We have a range of professional apparel for every area of your business as well as maintenance supplies to help make sure your business stays in tip-top, clean and presentable shape through the grease and grime of an automotive business.

The Most Comprehensive Set of Uniforms and Services for the Automotive Industry Professional

Service Uniform is Texas’ one-stop shop for all the automotive business support you need. You can come to us for everything from automotive uniforms to specialized towels and floor mats perfectly suited to address your business’ needs:

Polos and Shirts. Service Uniform offers a wide range of tops for your automotive business. Choose from our selection of long-sleeved executive shirts, short-sleeved polos, and all kinds of crew shirts designed to perfectly suit the different professional designations within your organization.

Pants. Explore our range of pants for your automotive uniforms! Our selection of pants is available in different materials, including denim and cotton, as well as in a variation of designs including pleated, flat front, standard, and cargo pants to match your choice of tops.

Coveralls. Give your mechanics and other employees full coverage against the grime and grease of your business with our selection of coveralls! Choose between our coveralls that feature snap-front openings and multiple functional pockets, and our 65/35 polyester-cotton mix that features a top zipper and lapel opening, multiple large pockets, and sleeve hems. Also available in flame-resistant material.

Towel Service. Make cleaning easy with towels from Service Uniform! We have all your towel needs covered – from shop towels to detail towels to window towels. All of our towels are made specifically for heavy-duty industrial cleaning applications, with fabrics that are good at cleaning and easy to maintain.

Soaps. Equip your restrooms with an endless supply of hand soaps to help make post-shift wash-ups easier, cleaner, and more efficient!

Mat Services. Keep your indoor offices clean and safe even with the heavy onslaught of greasy, dirty foot traffic with a range of floor mats from Service Uniform. We have everything from your basic entrance mats to our specialized scraper mats that are guaranteed to scrape off every last bit of debris in the undersoles of shoes.

Your Only Choice for Your Automotive Uniforms

Service Uniform delivers satisfaction with every high-quality service and supply we offer. We understand the fast-paced and laborious demands of running an automotive business in Texas, and we are here to help make things easier and more convenient for you.

All of our items are guaranteed to come in the best quality available. We use an automatic sorting and tracking system and multiple inspection system, so nothing goes amiss and everything is up to your standards.

Service Uniform does the hard work so you can work hard on the things that matter most to your business.

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