Automotive shops need towels they can rely on to effectively clean up a variety of greases, chemicals, and other substances. If your business is in the market for better products than what your current provider supplies, you’re in luck! When it comes to detail towel service in San Antonio, Texas, Service Uniform is the go-to!

Service Uniform Provides the Most Reliable Detail Towel Service in San Antonio

Since 1969, Service Uniform has supplied businesses in San Antonio with high-quality products and services. Our detail towel service in San Antonio stands out thanks to our effective, long-lasting towels.

Durable Designs

Service Uniform’s detail towels have long useful lifespans thanks to the durable material used in their designs. They will withstand continued usage in high-stress environments far longer than the average towel. 

Absorbent Material

Another element that goes into our towels’ long useful lifespans is their ability to absorb various liquids. They are highly effective at cleaning different messes from oil to lubricant and grease. Each detail towel can on average clean many more spills and other liquid messes than standard towels. 

Professional Maintneance

On top of extensive performance times, Service Uniform ensures the longevity of our detail towels with thorough cleaning and maintenance. Our Blue Chip System® uses a mix of RFID technology and bar codes to keep track of every towel in our laundry facility. It helps sort each towel by need and, from there, our advanced laundry machinery and team of certified experts take care of the rest! By the time each item returns to your facility, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a new and used towel!

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