Professional window towels are available to San Antonio businesses through Service Uniform. We’ve provided high-quality window towel service in San Antonio since 1969, and are ready to help your business.

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Why Service Uniform is the Ideal Window Towel Service in San Antonio

Here’s what window Service Uniform’s window towels can do, and why we are the ideal provider to San Antonio businesses:

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High-Quality, Effective Window Towel Inventory

Low-quality towels that use inferior materials or are poorly constructed will make cleaning efforts difficult and inefficient. When employees have access to high-quality materials, efficiency and appearance improve, and can positively affect the business overall. We source our towels from manufacturers known for quality and durability. They will withstand repeated use without falling apart or losing effectiveness.

Ensure Consistently Clean Towels

Our window towel service provides consistently clean towels, which makes employees’ jobs easier and more sanitary. Service Uniform launders our window towels in industrial-grade washers and dryers that effectively and consistently produce clean results. In contrast, if your business manages its own window towels, it’s up to employees to clean and maintain them. If somebody forgets or incorrectly cleans them, using them won’t be sanitary or effective.

Professional Towel Management

Towel management is a crucial, but often overlooked, part of window cleaning procedures. Not only do towels need cleaning after each use. They also need to be stored in a way that prevents them from becoming soiled or damaged. When you choose Service Uniform for your window towel needs, we’ll regularly replace the used towels with clean ones.

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