San Antonio businesses can improve the working environment of employees with anti-fatigue mats maintained by Service Uniform. Whether the business is in manufacturing, assembly, food processing, or anything that requires employees to stand for hours, anti-fatigue mats will help considerably. Here’s why Service Uniform is the premier provider of anti-fatigue mats in San Antonio.

High-Quality Anti-Fatigue Matting Materials

A high-quality anti-fatigue mat is one that maintains its like-new level of performance and comfort. That can be thought of in the following ways:


Though they are designed for standing comfort, an anti-fatigue mat is first and foremost a safety mat. There’s no sliding or give, no matter what substances are on the ground, or how heavily it is used.


The most surprising thing about anti-fatigue mat performance just how much more comfortable they make standing. When properly placed, they will improve the energy and productivity of employees. 


Employees who experience leg or back pain during and after shifts will be the first to notice and appreciate what anti-fatigue mats do for them. Less pain and strain throughout a shift means more productivity.

Professional Mat Care

No matter how good a mat is at purchase, if it isn’t taken care of and laundered regularly, it will lose the qualities that make it great. Service Uniform has the machinery, know-how, and experience to ensure consistent anti-fatigue mat performance.

Local Mat Service Through Service Uniform

Multinational mat providers do not know the specifics of matting requirements for anti-fatigue mats in San Antonio. Here’s what we do differently:

Area Knowledge

Few things boggle the mind like Texas weather or San Antonio traffic. For us at Service Uniform, though, these are daily happenings, and we know how to negotiate them expertly. 

Reliable Delivery

Thanks to our familiarity with the area, reliable delivery is something you’ll come to expect.

Contact Service Uniform for Anti-Fatigue Mat Service in San Antonio

For the most effective, quality, reliable anti-fatigue mat service in San Antonio, no service compares to Service Uniform. Contact us at (210) 226-2233 or leave your contact information here, and a representative will be reaching out shortly.  

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