Food Processing Uniforms in San Antonio

Looking for food processing uniforms in San Antonio? The right service can be hard to find, but that doesn’t mean you should stick with what you’ve already got! There is an excellent choice waiting for you.

Service Uniform Provides Professional-Level Food Processing Uniforms in San Antonio

Service Uniform has the best food processing uniforms in San Antonio and it’s no competition. We stand out in a crowded field because our service is:


Service Uniform builds its products to be reliable in a pinch. Our uniforms stand up to the various rigors of food processing jobs in order to keep wearers safe and comfortable. This means that common hazards such as equipment and chemicals are no longer a concern when wearing our products.


In order to be truly reliable, uniforms need to be well-maintained. We take care of this in our commercial laundry facilities. Using our advanced Blue Chip System®, we closely track items from the moment we receive them to when we return them to clients. In that process, we completely wash all stains, chemicals, and other materials away. We also repair any rips or tears and replace what has reached the end of its useful life.


Since our founding in 1969, Service Uniform has made a name for itself in the industry. We focus on providing our customers with HAACP Certified service that meets their every need and keeps them coming back for more. Every delivery is on time and intact, every question is answered 24/7, and all with no hidden fees or premiums. That’s the Blue Chip Difference!

Get Food Processing Uniforms in San Antonio with Service Uniform!

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