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High-Quality Customized Work Uniforms in San Antonio for Affordable Rates

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Superior Uniform Customization Technology, Outstanding Results

Service Uniform boasts of some of the most modern uniform customization technology in the market today. This, combined with our superior uniform expertise, brings you uniforms that stand out in appearance and in durability.

Widest Selection of Uniforms for Different Industries

Service Uniform offers customization solutions for a wide range of industries. No matter how big your staff is, or what business you’re in, Service Uniform’s top-notch customization solutions give your uniforms the best advantage you could ask for!

Expert Uniform Maintenance that Guarantees Results

Service Uniform takes the excellence up a notch by offering some of the best uniform maintenance you’ll find in San Antonio. Our services are powered by top-notch industrial equipment and decades of industry expertise in professional uniform care. With Service Uniform, you can rest assured that your uniforms get the best, most excellent care.

Uniforms that Make a Difference

Service Uniform understands the big impacts that even the simplest uniforms can have on a brand. That is why we’ve designed our San Antonio custom uniform service to help businesses get the most complete, most satisfying solutions for your uniform inventory.

From top-notch garment quality to the best uniform customization solutions, to the most dependable uniform loss protection system, Service Uniform gives you everything you need to help you put your brand’s best foot forward.

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