Exceptional facility services are essential to maintaining a clean and safe environment for employees and guests. Service Uniform is a leading provider of facility services in San Antonio. We offer products and services that meet the needs of your business and uphold modern hygienic standards.

Anti-Bacterial Soap 

Pairing anti-bacterial soap with thorough handwashing is the most effective defense against harmful viruses and bacteria notorious for derailing productivity and harming your staff and guests. Our specialized soap utilizes powerful anti-bacterial agents that eliminate germs and bacteria on the hands. This is especially important in facilities such as schools and food service establishments where the spread of germs and bacteria can have serious consequences. Service Uniform offers a wide range of anti-bacterial foam soaps to meet the specific needs of different types of facilities.

Hand Sanitizer

Service Uniform hand sanitizer features industry-leading anti-bacterial agents that are non-abrasive and kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria. This easy-to-use solution sports a pleasant, non-chemical scent and is a convenient alternative when you need to disinfect in a pinch!

Air Fresheners 

Air fresheners eliminate offensive odors par for the course during the ebbs and flows of a long workday. Through changing seasons and nature’s unpredictable elements, Service Uniform air fresheners eliminate and replace unpleasant smells with inviting scents that ensure your employees and guests won’t be rushing for the nearest exit.


Mop services are crucial elements of any facility service program and must-haves to honor a strict sterile standard. We implement high-quality, absorbent, and durable fabric that deals with those overwhelming spills and messes with ease. Minimize the risk of slip-and-fall injuries with a first-class mop catalog from Service Uniform.

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Service Uniform is a leading provider of facility services in San Antonio. From anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer, air fresheners, mop services, or soy natural grit soap, we have the perfect solution tailored to your facility. Contact us at (210) 226-2233, or email us to learn more about our products and services.

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