09 June, 2015 | Service Area in TX

Wicking Fabric for the Summer Heat

The rainy spring season has finally ended and summer is here! Although we’re all excited for lazy sunny days and outdoor activities, we know a few of our customers aren’t a fan of the Texas heat, especially those who work outdoors. Although it would be great to put on light shorts and a tank top, unfortunately you have a company image to uphold. That’s where we come in.

The right uniform rental program will provide your company with a branded image all year round – at least our programs do. When it comes to the hot days of summer, we don’t recommend changing your uniform rental program because in a few short months fall will be here and you’ll have to switch back. That takes too much time and effort. Instead, ask us about t-shirt options that we can add to your program for a few months. They will help your employees stay cool while reflecting the correct company image.

Another secret to help you keep cool in the summer is Touchtex technology. Our featured fabric line of Red Kap’s Touchtex uses breathable, moisture absorbing, “wicking” fabric that athletic companies use to make their athletic clothing. We use Red Kap’s Touchtex wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable. Touchtex wicks sweat off the skin and spreads it over the fabric face where it evaporates within seconds.

As the temperatures start to rise, Service Uniform will be there to help your employees stay cool. We understand how important uniforms are to you and your company, so we want to make sure that everyone is comfortable, in or out of the office.

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