18 January, 2024   |   Floor Mats

Benefits of Entrance Matting

When everyone who enters your building comes in through one of the few entrances, you can easily track and capture dirt and debris from coming inside. Once dirt enters your building, it gets embedded into carpeting and pushed into corners that are sometimes un...

30 May, 2023   |   Customer Service

Texas Mat Service That Works

Texas mat service should be straightforward and effective. If you're still looking for one that meets and exceeds these requirements, look no further....

26 September, 2022   |   Uniform Rental

What It Means to be Part of the Service Uniform Family

Family values drive our business practices. From the products we offer, to the services provide. State-of-the-art technology ensures we’re always providing the best to our customers....

23 August, 2022   |   Uniform Rental

We Work To Protect You (Video)

Since our founding, Service Uniform’s goal has been to provide services and materials businesses need to protect their people. Here’s a video that goes over what we do to achieve that:...

25 June, 2022   |   Floor Mats

Is Mat Ownership or Mat Rental Better? 

Mats prevent slips and falls and keep employees and customers comfortable on their feet. The effect they have on the business is the same whether a provider offers you mat ownership or mat rental options. Or is it?...

26 August, 2021   |   Facility Services

How Service Uniform Safeguards Your Business

Your uniforms are the face of your business. They are an extension of your brand and influence customer perception of your business. Uniforms also protect your employees from the perils of the job! Frequent use and intense laundering can put your important inv...

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