26 August, 2021 | Facility Services

How Service Uniform Safeguards Your Business

Your uniforms are the face of your business. They are an extension of your brand and influence customer perception of your business. Uniforms also protect your employees from the perils of the job! Frequent use and intense laundering can put your important inventory under threat. Fortunately, Service Uniform safeguards your business from its biggest threats.

The Biggest Threats to Your Uniform Supply: Uniform Loss

Uniform loss is one of the most pervasive problems that businesses face. This issue jeopardizes different aspects of your business. For one, it can disrupt your operations. And if your employees rely on high-quality safety apparel for their daily tasks, a uniform shortage can even be outright dangerous

Service Uniform safeguards your business from all that.

We protect our services with the Blue Chip System®. What is the Blue Chip System®, you ask? It’s our homegrown uniform tracking technology that ensures we’ve got an eye on your uniforms at all times. Powered by RFID technology, our Blue Chip System® guarantees:

100% Accuracy

Our automated tracking system makes sure that all necessary uniform details enter our system with 100% accuracy. This eliminates any risk of clothing mix-ups or misplacements. It creates an easy-to-follow paper trail that tracks everything from pickup to delivery, from damages to replacements. With the Blue Chip System®, you never have to wonder where your uniforms are, or if your delivery will be complete and accurate.

Thorough Inspection

The Blue Chip System® also includes our meticulous uniform inspection protocols. This is how we ensure that all the uniforms you receive are in their best condition. This also makes sure that we fix damages and appropriately replace the ones that are beyond repair.

Double-Checking for Fool-Proof Tracking

We designed the Blue Chip System® to further re-verify everything and ensure that the first stages of the inspection are correct. The numbers are accurate, the quality is always dependable, and the losses are completely avoided.

Protecting Your Brand’s Image One Uniform at a Time

Aside from uniform losses, irreparable and obvious damages are among the biggest threats to your uniform inventory. It reflects poorly on your brand: damages scream neglect and creates a bad impression on your customers.

Service Uniform’s top-notch uniform selection and garment care excellence can help protect your business from all that. We source our uniforms from the most trusted brands in the market. This guarantees quality and optimum durability. With Service Uniform, you can trust that you have the right tools to impress your clients.

And our uniform maintenance excellence makes sure that your uniforms are always at their most presentable and most functional.

Seize the Work Day with Texas Uniform Service!

Service Uniform safeguards your business from these common threats. Call us today at (210) 226-2233 to speak with our representative and get started on your uniform rental service. You may also send us your inquiries and price quote requests by filling out this form

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