23 September, 2021 | Uniform Rental

Dangers of Damaged Industrial Uniforms

Protective uniforms are integral to industrial jobs. Workers routinely face a variety of hazardous and even life-threatening situations. Despite their skill, they will always need that extra layer of defense against the elements. However, they need regular maintenance.

Otherwise, there’s almost no difference between wearing them or not. There are many dangers of damaged industrial uniforms to consider:

Here are the Many Dangers of Damaged Industrial Uniforms

Out of everything that could go wrong with poorly-maintained uniforms, these three are the worst and also most likely to cause injuries:

Less Durability

Industrial machinery requires expertise to operate for a reason. With that being said, they are extremely dangerous to work with even for the best-trained workers. Durability is key to resisting their many sharp, heavy, and extremely hot extremities. Damaged industrial uniforms leave openings where workers can very easily be seriously injured should the worst occur.


Damaged industrial uniforms often no longer have the integrity needed to stand up to flames or flammable materials. Industrial workers are often exposed to materials that could easily catch fire and need the protection brought by their flame-resistant uniforms. Without it, they could suffer major and even fatal injuries while the un-contained fire spreads. 

Poor Visibility

Low-visibility environments are common for industrial workers. Combining that with both dangerous machinery and flammable material is a recipe for disaster. The most consistent and convenient way for workers to stand out is with high-visibility uniforms. However, that consistency is only as good as the maintenance those uniforms receive. Without it, workers are no better off than in plain clothes. 

Service Uniform Professionally Maintains Industrial Uniforms

Service Uniform is the Texas uniform laundry service your business needs! We have over 50 years of experience providing the best protection for industrial workers in Texas. Not only are they better defended from danger with our products, but they are also empowered to be more productive and perform at their best. Our uniforms are:

More Durable

We thoroughly test each of our products to ensure their ability to withstand the rigors of industrial work. We have high standards and if we make something that doesn’t meet them, we’ll start over from scratch until we get it right.


Our flame-resistant uniforms are from Bulwark’s iQ series, and are ready for most anything. They excel at their job but don’t last forever. That’s why part of our uniform service includes routine maintenance in our laundry facilities. Our experienced specialists ensure that every item that goes through our facilities returns ready to perform as good as new. 

Easier to See

The constant grime from industrial work wreaks havoc on high-visibility uniforms. After all, it doesn’t matter how bright a uniform’s design is if it’s covered in muck. That’s why we comprehensively wash each of our uniforms with sophisticated washers, dryers, extractors, and boilers that leave no stain behind!

Contact Service Uniform Today!

You can avoid the dangers of damaged industrial uniforms with help from Service Uniform. We have durable, flame-resistant, and high-visibility uniforms tailored to your needs. And you can start today! Call us at (210) 226-2233 or contact us here for more information on our products and services. 

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