26 September, 2022   |   Uniform Rental

What It Means to be Part of the Service Uniform Family

Family values drive our business practices. From the products we offer, to the services provide. State-of-the-art technology ensures we’re always providing the best to our customers....

23 August, 2022   |   Uniform Rental

We Work To Protect You (Video)

Since our founding, Service Uniform’s goal has been to provide services and materials businesses need to protect their people. Here’s a video that goes over what we do to achieve that:...

20 August, 2022   |   Uniform Rental

Simplify Uniform Supply with Service Uniform

Every business that needs uniforms for their staff also needs a reliable way to secure those uniforms. However, managing their laundering, sourcing, and inventory is a logistical nightmare for businesses to handle on their own....

22 April, 2022   |   Service Area in TX

Uniform Services in San Antonio: Local, Quality, Reliable 

Businesses in San Antonio that use uniforms on a daily basis know the difficulty that comes in cleaning and maintaining them. Without a dedicated team to monitor and process those uniforms, they quickly become a burden on the company or employees who have to d...

26 March, 2022   |   Uniform Rental

What Uniform Service Does for Manufacturing Facilities

Keeping up with manufacturing uniforms is an uphill battle of constant maintenance, washing, and storage.  The best way around its requirements is uniform service! Here’s what uniform service does for manufacturing facilities:  You can’t afford to miss o...

13 February, 2022   |   Uniform Rental

How Service Uniform Protects Your Business

What can your uniform service provider do for you? They supply uniforms, of course, but the right service provider can do more than just that. Uniform service through  Service Uniform protects your business against a variety of issues. This article will explo...

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