27 June, 2024   |   Blue Chip Tracking System

RFID Means Accuracy

At Service Uniform, we believe in the power and sophistication of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. In the world of commercial laundry, it ensures precise tracking of every garment at every point in the circulation process. In short, RFID means...

31 May, 2024   |   Uniform Rental

Feeling a Little Frustrated with the Other Guy’s Service?

Feeling a little frustrated with the other guy’s service? Service Uniform stands prepared to offer the quality uniform rental and commercial laundry services your business deserves....

21 February, 2024   |   Customer Service

Is Your Uniform Rental Program The Right Fit?

Is your uniform rental company the right fit? You can find out by taking our survey. Please answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions:...

21 December, 2023   |   Customer Service

4 Requirements Your Uniform Rental Program Should Meet

As a leading provider in the industry, Service Uniform understands that the requirements your uniform rental program should meet are critical for your business’s success. Meeting these requirements is a cornerstone of our service. Our program offers reli...

20 June, 2017   |   Service Area in TX

Must See Firework Shows in The San Antonio Area

Fourth of July fireworks are a favorite family outing each summer. This year, celebrate Independence Day with the best fireworks shows in the San Antonio area....

14 June, 2017   |   Customized Uniform

Hey Chip! How We Fix Your Wear and Tear

Chip here again! I’m back this week to take you through another aspect of our Blue Chip System: the repair process. Using our efficient RFID technology, we make sure every uniform is properly cleaned, repaired, and sorted for 100% accuracy every time. When y...

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