25 July, 2021 | Uniform Rental

How to Monitor and Maintain Company Uniforms

The most commonly overlooked facet of a successful business is uniform management. Without them, many industries suffer as their staff isn’t as well protected or focused on the task at hand. Businesses looking to avoid the pitfalls of poor uniform management need to understand how to monitor and maintain company uniforms. 

The Best Uniform Management Practices

There are many important factors to consider when it comes to proper uniform management. Here are the three most important:

Advanced Tracking Technology

The most effective way to monitor uniforms is with the latest tracking technology. Without it, unclean, ripped, and torn uniforms often go either unnoticed or ignored until they become a problem later. Tracking technology is also a significantly more efficient method than tracking manually with staff. 

State-of-the-Art Machinery

To ensure uniforms are properly washed, a facility with the proper equipment is necessary. No matter the profession, commercial laundry facilities clean uniforms better than individual employees. This is because employees won’t have access to the same kind of machinery needed for thorough cleaning. They also might not have regular or reliable access to washers or dryers at all. 

Experienced Specialists

Monitoring and maintenance are far more difficult without the help of experienced specialists. They take care of uniforms for a living and are better prepared for the intricacies of washing and repairing a uniform than most. They are also trained to have a better eye for when a uniform needs maintenance or when it is too far gone for that. 

Service Uniform Knows How to Monitor and Maintain Company Uniforms

Service Uniform is the convenient, affordable alternative to monitoring and maintaining uniforms yourself. We take care of your uniforms with our high-quality technology, machinery, and staff. 

  • Blue Chip System®: Service Uniform uses the most sophisticated tracking technology in the industry, the Blue Chip System®. Featuring RFID chips and barcodes, we follow each of our products from the moment it enters our facilities to when they are back in our clients’ hands. This guarantees accurate deliveries with no missing or substandard items. 
  • Sophisticated Facilities: On top of our tracking technology, our facilities are stocked with high-quality washers, dryers, extractors, and boilers. Each is capable of removing just about any stain, chemical, bacteria, or other material with ease. 
  • 60 Years of Experience: Service Uniform has been around since 1969, giving us over 6 decades of experience in the industry. Our company has watched as the industry has grown over the years and learned a great deal about uniform maintenance. We hire only the best and follow the most efficient practices when it comes to ensuring the continued quality of our products. 

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