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3 Non-Traditional Marketing Tactics You Should Try This Month

There are a million ways to market your business, and in the sea of voices, it can be hard to know which strategy is best. Traditional marketing tactics like print and television ads never hurt, but sometimes your business needs something fresh to reach a new audience. Consider these progressive marketing tactics to give your company a leg up on the competition.

Social Media

Most businesses have a Facebook page, but you may not be using social media to its full marketing potential. Choose the platforms that make the most sense for your brand, whether that be Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to try out emerging applications like Snapchat, Periscope, or a weekly email newsletter to give your business an extra edge. New features like Snapchat filters and live video offer a new dimension of social interaction with your client base.

When using social media, it’s also important to remember that it’s not just about putting out information—it’s about interacting with your clientele. Take the time to respond to customers’ comments, follow other businesses, and monitor hashtags relevant to your business to find potential clients.

Networking Events

Invite your customers in after hours to for a launch party for a new product, a grand opening for a new store, or a celebration of a company milestone. These are all opportunities to share your successes with your clients and interact with them in a more personal setting, which helps put a face to the name behind your brand.

Sponsoring events and supporting local organizations will also bring awareness to your brand while showing your customers that you care about your community. Support a local little league team, host a fundraiser for a hometown charity, or pitch in for a summer festival.

Using Your Logo

Your logo is the most concise, memorable representation of your business, so you want to use it to your advantage. Make sure that your logo is eye-catching and memorable, while still being simple. Place your logo everywhere from uniforms to coffee cups to floor mats, and use creative logo placement to leave a lasting impression on future clientele and create an image to associate with your brand.

With these non-traditional marketing strategies, your business will be reaching new audiences in no time.