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5 Work Resolutions for 2016 - Service Uniform TX

Looking into 2016, it’s going to be an amazing year. Make it even better by improving your work life and productivity! Here are 5 work resolutions you can make to create a landmark year in 2016.

  1. Improving time management: Good time management reduces stress and helps you stay organized with your tasks. While making a daily schedule, it is helpful to book time for interruptions and unexpected tasks. Having a free 20-minute block for interruptions is going to help you feel, even in the most hectic of moments, as though everything is going according to plan—because it is!
  1. Improving work-life balance: Being conscious of a work-life balance can help you feel like you are making the most out of both your free time and work time. Even if you are busy with a million other things, having just an hour or two for yourself before or after work to get a coffee with someone, take a walk outside, or work on a creative project can get everything in balance.
  1. Improve communication: Resolving to listen better is actually a huge step toward practicing better communication. Repeat what was said if necessary, and if you are confused, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification! This builds trust, consistency, and authentic dialogue, and when these are present in the workplace it leads to a happy and productive day.
  1. Improve health through exercise: Of course, getting into the habit of exercising can be difficult, but that’s what the New Year is for! It’s proven that exercise reduces stress and gives us more energy, which we could all use during the workday. Can you start getting exercise into your schedule? Try taking short walks during lunch break, go for a run every few days at home, or dedicate yourself to a gym or yoga membership.
  1. Improve health through diet: Eating well can lead to increased happiness and productivity. Resolving to cook your lunch the night before, or even preparing several meals on the Sunday before the workweek, can help you create a healthy rhythm. Pair that with exercise to improve your ability to communicate, have energy for after-work activities, and better manage your time.

We hope these tips will help to make this upcoming year even better!

January 8, 2016 | Uncategorized