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Color Psychology For Your Uniforms - Service Uniform TX

Have you ever wondered how much color affects the perception of your company? Studies have shown that the color can be one of the most effective ways to draw in customers.


Displaying your company colors on packaging, products, and in your logo can create a sense of unity throughout your company, especially when brand colors are extended to employee uniforms. Do your company ideals match the attributes of your colors?


  • Blue- Calmness, Wisdom, Trustworthiness
  • Green- Growth, Natural, Health
  • Orange- Playful, Innovative, Enthusiasm
  • Red- Excitement, Intensity, Confidence
  • Yellow- Happiness, Optimism, Well-Being
  • Purple- Royalty, Prosperity, Premium
  • Gray- Practical, Scientific, Neutral
  • Brown- Reliable, Stable, Secure
  • Black- Power, Strength, Intelligence
  • White- Pure, Innocence, Clean


At Service Uniform we can help you put your business’ best foot forward with customized uniforms reflecting the ideals and style of your company.  We understand the need for your company to stand out in the professional world and will work to create the best image and design for your business. Contact us today to begin a new, professional look for your company.

October 26, 2015 | Uncategorized