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Why You Can Count on Service Uniform

you can count on service uniform

The company that supplies your business the materials it needs to function has an enormous responsibility. Not only will you rely on them for timely delivery, but for that delivery to be of high quality.

Additionally, if something goes wrong, you want to reach somebody who can help make it right. Without a competent customer service department, your needs can’t truly be fulfilled every time.

That’s why Service Uniform is a business that you can trust. We’ve got the history of excellent service, family ownership values, and industry expertise. Here’s why you can count on Service Uniform today and always:

History of Service

Looking at a company’s history is a good way to get a sense of their reliability. Service Uniform has served the Texas business community since 1969, and has done so reliably and honestly. There’s no other way to make it that long in the uniform industry.

If a business supplier doesn’t have a culture of hard work, customer service and appreciation, and reliably quality of product, it won’t last. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to serving our customers faithfully every day. In the long run, the only thing that matters is the relationships we foster and nurture. The only way to keep business relationships positive in our industry is to stand by our products and customers. It’s worked for us so far, and it will work for you.

Family Ownership and Values

Our customer-satisfaction focus is rooted in our family ownership and values. Without positive relationships with others, nobody can fully succeed or get as far as they otherwise would. This is as true in business as it is in life.

Customer Focus

At Service Uniform, our customers are our number one priority. If our customers aren’t satisfied with any aspect of our service, we want to know and make changes that will fix those issues.

Service Uniform’s family ownership allows us to do just that. We don’t have an overbearing corporate structure. We don’t consult variable probability charts or other silly metrics to determine a change’s profitability. If there’s a problem, we act to solve it. It’s as simple as that!

Clean Practices

These days, completely clean, safe materials are more important than ever. To ensure that your employees and customers are protected from germs and viruses, your uniforms need expert cleaning. At Service Uniform, we know what’s at risk, and have the processes and procedures to ensure cleanliness. From our top-of-the-line machines to our process monitoring, we ensure a clean supply every time.

Contact Service Uniform for Reliable Uniform Services

Your business’s supply shouldn’t be left to chance. It deserves high-quality materials at responsible times. You, too, deserve the best. As such, you should only trust a company that has the experience, top-notch materials, and customer-service mentality to help your business succeed. Service Uniform is that company.

Above all else, we’re here for you. For more information, give us a call at (210) 226-2233, or contact us here.

April 23, 2020 | Company