01 November, 2022 | Uniforms

Does Your Uniform Service Offer Variety?

Do you have the right Texas uniform service partner? If you require multiple uniform providers for different areas of your operations, the answer is a resounding no! It’s time to switch to a service provider with a wide variety of uniform selections. 

The Importance of Variety

One of the most obvious benefits of working with a company that offers a wide uniform selection is the variety of options that they offer. More than that though, wide selections mean that they can cover your different uniform needs. You can get all the uniforms you need for all the areas of your operations. Here’s what that means for your uniform needs:

Consistent, Quality Results

Different uniform service providers have different levels of expertise, capacities, and equipment. That means the quality of the maintenance differs. The quality of the products will also differ. That leads to inconsistencies in the appearance, durability, and overall condition of the uniforms. Having a service provider with a wide variety of uniforms means getting all of your inventory from just one source. This is your best assurance for consistency. 

Whether your uniforms are purely functional or are there mainly for purposes of brand engagement, consistency is important. A single supplier helps ensure that. Across the board, throughout the different department uniforms, you can expect the same results for your uniforms with every delivery.  

“The Buck Stops” With Your Provider

Issues can come up at any minute, especially when you’re outsourcing services. When issues arise, having multiple service providers for similar items can be disastrous. A single point of reference makes dealing with issues easier and more convenient.

Keeping Up with Your Invoices is Easier

The paper trail is one of the most essential parts of a mutually trusting outsourcing relationship. It is even more important when you have a wide range and large volume of items to work with – like commercial uniforms. When all the uniforms that you need come from the same source, that paper trail is going to be shorter. It will be easier to keep up with, and accuracy is easier to ensure. This translates to more convenience with fewer issues.

You Get Better Protection Against Uniform Losses

Commercial uniforms, especially in larger quantities, are always at risk for loss. It doesn’t matter whether you do your laundry in-house, with a provider, or if your employees take them home. The threat of garment loss is ever-present. The only difference is that a reliable, single-source uniform service cuts down the risk significantly. It is easier, after all, to track down a single delivery van than three!

The Better Solution for Your Texas Uniform Service Needs

Service Uniform is the leading uniform service provider in Texas. And it’s not only because of the quality of the uniforms and services we offer. We have some of the largest uniform selections in the state. We have everything from casual and industrial uniforms to office and protective wear. Service Uniform can take care of all your uniform needs, from the first floor to the main office. Contact Service Uniform today at 1-210-226-2233 to sign up for service, request a catalog, or get a consultation. You can also fill out this form for price quote requests and other inquiries!

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