18 February, 2020 | Uniforms

Meet Service Uniform’s New Device for Account Managers: TEK

Service Uniform champions the use of highly innovative tools to help us deliver better, more efficient services to our clients. One of these tools is our new TEK Device. This device is for your account manager, and it acts as an all-around assistant for all things concerning your uniform services!

Having TEK by your account manager’s side means always having someone looking over your uniform concerns. It helps anticipate and adapt to otherwise problematic situations so your uniforms and your company’s needs are never compromised.

TEK Basics

TEK was designed with the busy account manager in mind. Having a lot on your plate should not leave you feeling helpless. Between managing your costs, monitoring and adjusting usage, and ensuring quality of your uniforms, it can all be easily overwhelming. TEK takes these issues, consolidates them, and gives your account manager the tools to handle them.  

Garment Tracking

Our garment tracking keeps your account manager up-to-date with every little process that your garments go through. Have they been picked up from your facility? They can check TEK! Have they left our facility? They can check TEK! Which garments have been removed from inventory for repair? TEK keeps track of all of that and more! For a complete repair and replacement history of your inventory, TEK has the tools to manage it all.

Repairs and Replacement 

TEK makes sure your account manager doesn’t have to wait on hold or speak to a dozen managers to get a single garment repaired. A few touches and, within seconds, your repairs and replacements will be taken care of and ready by your next delivery, including last-minute ones!

Deliveries and Invoice 

Coordinate and communicate with your assigned route managers about delivery authorization and invoicing without the hassle! TEK allows for multiple functions and tasks covered within seconds. Your account manager can save those long phone calls and coordinating efforts with streamlined deliveries and invoicing. 

Data and Information 

In the information age, data is king. TEK stores and gives your account manager safe access to data valuable to your uniform inventory. It tracks usages, repairs, and replacements of your entire inventory which will help you and your account manager create usage predictions and make informed decisions.

Complete Control and More

There is no better source of peace of mind than knowing that your needs are cared for – and cared for excellently. 

TEK keeps your account manager on top of all your inventory without taking you away from your bigger business responsibilities. 

TEK helps your account manager:

  • Know the whereabouts of your uniforms at all times
  • Know exactly how many uniforms are in your employees’ possession
  • Adjust orders instantly and at the last minute to adapt to unforeseen changes in needs
  • Know exactly what you are paying for – down to the very last item

Does this level of control and peace of mind sound good to you? Is this the kind and level of efficiency, convenience, and innovation that you’re looking for? Do you want to have this much support from your uniform service provider? If you answered yes to all of these questions, give Service Uniform a call!

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